N240 : Yesa - Puente la Reina de Jaca

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4 sterne-Bewertung Route
Kurven : 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.5
Gerade Streckenabschnitte : 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.3
Umgebung : 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.1
Strassenbeschaffenheit : 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.5
Sicht(weite) : 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.5
Polizei : green 2 Motorcycle Road1.8
Gefahren : green 3 Motorcycle Road2.4

Route Added By : Pigster
Date : Januar 24, 2005
Länge : 40 kms / 24.9 miles
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Road Type : Ländlich
Map Key : Rot = Excellent | Blau = Good | Violett = Andere empfohlene
Mai 10, 2011 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

Done the road a couple of times, both going west to east. Great scenery, good road which enables a good average speed to be maintained. Some great corners but also some unexpected tight and blind corners - so watch out. Last time I rode it a lot had been resurfaced but considerable mining (?) activity was going on so tha odd large truck and temp traffic light. A great 'near end of tour' road heading back to the ports.

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November 24, 2010 - 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.0

Rode this section of road in september on the way to Jaca from Santander. It was around 8pm so there were hardly any other vehicles on the road which made it a brilliant ride. Its worth stopping at the lake as its stunning. We had an overnight stay in Jaca which i rated very highly. Will definatly ride this route again

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November 11, 2009 - 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0

Ridden this route twice now - the first time at the end of a long winters day when the latter section was in complete darkness. Both times Jaca to Yesa. The second time a lovely summers day this year on the way from Barca to Pamplona to watch the Bulls run. What an exceptional road. First time on a Fazer 600, 2nd time on a medium laden BMW GS1200A. We flew along this road and had those bikes right over and full on all the way. Totally absorbing and life affirming - the ride of a lifetime. Breathtaking views of the cobalt blue lake to our left, bend after bend on perfect roads virtually without interruption or hindrance by cars. I will definitely go back.

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Januar 2, 2009 - 2 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour2.0

The lakeside surface is very poor with grooves everywhere, looks like its been ploughed. Had to watch the surface and not the scenery, kept speeds down so abundant speed cops werent bothered. I turned off to Sigues to no comment on that part.

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September 9, 2008 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

Rode this stretch last year (on Thundercat) and this (K1200S). Loved it both times. Road surface good and lots of bends to make it interesting. Scenerys not bad either, if you are looking :-)

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Juni 12, 2007 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

We rode from Biescas to Pamplona via this road. Its a good route that is especially pretty past Embalse de Yesa (Lake Yesa???) It also runs past a crazy looking hilltop village as seen in one of the photos. Its a long way from the twisties of the nearby Pyrenees, instead being a road that will see you really eat up the miles. Think big capacity Sports Tourer for this one as silly speeds are easily maintained on its long, long straights. If you need to get to Pamplona in a hurry this road is just the ticket. I imagine it would be a favourite for speed cops in high season as they could see you coming from miles away. I thought it was okay, but my son loved it and went on and on about it into the small hours over far too much cerveza.

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Juni 29, 2006 - 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0

Brilliant piece of road that should be ridden in both directions, but the reservoir part is not the be all and end all, the continuation to jaca is splendid with some lovely road surfaces and jaca has a fantastic hotel with a huge garage called the A BOIRA Remember youre on the edge of the mountains here so the views are as good as the roads and there are plenty of roads here that have never seen motorcycles having so much fun. Just dont, dont , dont speed in the villages -its an on the spot fine and not worth the ag !
Good riding, John

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Februar 11, 2006 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

Gutted to here about new surface. Hopefully be better for spring summer. The road was a delight especially the lakeside section. Jaca a nice place to stay after a good ride from Santander/Bilbao (not too difficult to achieve from the ferries)

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Februar 25, 2005 - 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.0

theyve resurfaced the section by the lake at Jesa and wrecked it completely..so sad. Gouges everywhere make it versy dangerous at more than 50mph.

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Januar 24, 2005 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

Great road along the side of a lake, you can make it to Jaca from Bilbao in a day which is a good place to explore the pyrenees from.

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