Kalamata - Mani region

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Route Added By : aaskotis
Date : November 14, 2006
Länge : 48 kms / 29.8 miles
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Road Type : An der Küste
Map Key : Rot = Excellent | Blau = Good | Violett = Andere empfohlene
November 14, 2006 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

Use: All bikes

Kalamata, famous for the best olives found in Greece and Mediterranean sea is the starting point towards the famous as well Mani region. The route gets seaside at Kardamili village, give some extra time and visit the old village by turning right and diverting a bit. The route continues through seaside scenery and after Areopoli you will reach Diros sea caves, a nice interesting place to visit but take care that the whole boat tour takes a few hours. From Areopoli and further south is the Mani region. The unique characteristic of the area are the houses which are built like small castles to prevent raids and also the plant less wild mountains which are following the route. Continue up to the end, cape Tenaro and return back through the eastern side of the peninsula.
A unique route and a must to the bike traveler in Greece.
Note: all kinds of facilities are mostly found / choose the taverna before reaching Vathia village at the top of a hill for lunch.

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