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Trip Planning with Ease

Posted on Februar 17, 2023 by SpikeUp
Posted on Februar 17, 2023 by SpikeUp (Member Score: 11)

I've been using BBR to find good routes from wherever I happen to be with great success on my phone.

Planning a run to south Portugal today I tried the Trip Planner, it's really easy to use on a PC and I now have nearly 2000 miles of superb roads, well worth the modest membership fee.

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Posted on Februar 20, 2023 by BBR-David (Member Score: 8789)

Hi there.

Glad to hear you like it and find it useful

Many thanks


Posted on Marz 21, 2023 by Smithy (Member Score: 0)

Have been trying out the Trip Builder but struggling with a couple of things. How do you alter and change / edit it?

For example, and this is before you save your route and you are still in the create mode, if you accidently click on the map anywhere and then decide its wrong, how do you delete it that last action and correct it ?

Also, if you recover a saved route from your profile area, can you re-edit it and alter it?

And, when creating a route which I'm trying to do from Calais to Budapest which goes through several countries i.e. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia then Hungary, I select all those countries at the beginning that I want to see the bestbikingroads but the map only shows say France to start off with, then when my route goes into Belgium I can't see any bestbikingroads? Clearly I'm new to this so please be gently but what am I doing wrong?

Anyone help please, Steve

Posted on Marz 21, 2023 by BBR-David (Member Score: 8789)

Hi there
The edit functionality is pretty basic at the moment (I will improve it later but at the moment I am busy with a pretty major app update)

Basically before you save the trip, you have the possibility to drag any point you placed and reposition it somewhere else, this allows simple corrections.

Once.the trip is saved, it cannot be edited any longer, only deleted.

Probably the error you are seeing with the bestbikingroads not being shown has got something to do with the country selection at the start.

The country selection is a multi select list which means you can use shift click to select multiple countries, if you don't use shift, then each selection will delete the last selection, so you only see one country and that will be the last one you selected.

I hope this helps.

All the best


Posted on Marz 21, 2023 by Smithy (Member Score: 0)

Thanks David

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